About us

With PWCIB you will learn how to build successful, long-term collaboration with your clients, colleagues and business partners across cultures and generations.

PWCIB consists of a team of experienced and dedicated experts, led by Paul (Paweł) Walentynowicz, who will equip you with practical skills and country related knowledge that will help you scale the corporate ladder in international environments. We specialize in increasing effectiveness of multigenerational teams, managing Millennials and and creating young leaders, cross-cultural consulting, cross cultural coaching, leadership trainings, relocation and expats preparation, managing diversity within international teams as well as global virtual teams.

Founded in 2002, we have been able to build a worldwide network of associates. Our team of experienced and credentialed experts will equip you with practical skills and country related knowledge that will help you achieve success when working in a specific country or region. For over 15 years we have built a worldwide network of associates.

Our programs help to develop skills to constructively deal with challenges of diverse workplace and international operations. We are equipping managers in skills that are paramount to the success of any international organization, which leads to staff who have a broad mindset and can effectively communicate and collaborate with colleagues, business partners, bosses and clients.

We also have global virtual team trainings which are designed for leaders and managers of virtual teams, who face a lot of cultural differences in communication style, working practices and approaches. For these teams to work coherently, they have to be well integrated, motivated and managed.

Maintaining close relations with members of the Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research (SIETAR) in Europe, USA and Asia is one of our priorities in order to keep abreast with the recent changes in the global market. Our offices are located in Western Europe; Amsterdam and Brussels and in Wroclaw, Central Eastern Europe.

Our core objective is to increase effectiveness of international and virtual teams, international assignees and business travelers in a modern learning environment. We offer consistency of approach across countries, resulting in similar skills level and the shaping of a global mindset and cultural intelligence across the company. We have an excellent team of experienced trainers and consultants worldwide who will be at your aid working through every time zone.

What is our main focus?

  •        Expats preparation
  •        Developing intercultural competence
  •        Introducing remote work and teleworking to your company
  •        Effective virtual teams & virtual team building
  •        Multigenerational management – managing millennials and managing generation X
  •        Leadership trainings
  •        Balanced leadership
  •        Expats preparation
  •        Coaching