Balanced leadership

Balanced leadership program helps women and men to understand the role gender plays in workplace and to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for maintaining gender equality in their daily lives and work.



Women in leadership are often in a minority position. Female managers experience occurrence of glass ceiling and often have doubts about their competences as leaders. Setting up a development and empowering plan for female leaders and managers is crucial for attracting and retaining female talents in your company and helps to improve communication and effectiveness of female on high positions.

We provide high quality training course and coaching programs that aim for the participants to realize advantages of gender equality, women’s empowerment and women’s rights through transformative training and learning. This program is designed to provide participants with knowledge, techniques, skills and attitude to ensure long-term change and empowerment.



This program is aimed for men in organizations - it shows advantages and encourages changes towards higher gender equality by raising awareness and encouraging learning, knowledge-building and skills development. Men can freely discuss their opinions, attitude, difficulties and understanding of gender equality in workplace and workout the best techniques of adjusting to balanced leadership approach.


What are the advantages of introducing and maintaining Balanced Leadership?

  • Growing diversity within your employees
  • More creative and innovative approach to business, leadership and management system
  • Attracting and retaining more female talents
  • Define the company’s role and responsibilities in society
  • Creating favorable environment for developing talents of both male and female talents and building a bridge connecting two perspectives
  • Bigger access to services and business aimed for women