Leadership trainings

After careful assessment of your executives’ and leaders’ situation and skillset, the trainer will determine the level of competence held by them and will suggest the areas of development and improvement, helping your executives with overcoming the existing barriers.

What to expect?

  • Practical tips about  team building and team management
  • Expert knowledge on effective communication styles and tools
  • Leadership, building authority and development of managerial competence


  • You will discover your own leadership style and understand the manager’s role in the organization
  • You will learn how to effectively plan and organize the team's work
  • You will improve your skill of building relationship with  business partners
  • You will become more competent and you will achieve better results
  • Your commitment to work will growth and you will avoid professional burnout
  • You will develop leadership skills, which will turn in better management and delegation
  • It will improve your cooperation in the team

Example areas of training:

  •       Negotiations and mediations
  •       Running a successful meeting
  •       Running a successful kick-off
  •       Verbal communication
  •       Non-verbal communication
  •       Motivating employees
  •       Adjusting leadership style
  •       Formulating goals
  •       Aligning personal goals with company goals
  •       Tasks delegation
  •       Managing social interactions
  •       Creating trust, team spirit and engagement in teams
  •       Inclusive leadership
  •       Decision making
  •       Strategic thinking
  •       Cross-cultural intelligence
  •       Managing diversity in teams
  •       Managing stress
  •       Managing difficult situations and conflicts
  •       Change management
  •       Assertive communication
  •       Giving and receiving feedback
  •       Fostering creativity and innovation.

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