Multigenerational management

We don't have a Millennial problem. And at PWCIB we believe that we have a multi-generational challenge to manage.


What are the challenges for your workforce and corporate culture?

#challenge 1

It is very difficult to attract Millennials to your company and retain them.

66% of Millennials expect to leave their employer within 2 years (Deloitte 2016)

#challenge 2

It is difficult to recognize the needs of Millennials and provide them with the desired corporate culture.

56% of Millennials decided not to take a job because of its values and standards (Deloitte 2016)

#challenge 3

Millennials have high expectations of their employers and high standards for themselves – they need specific guidance on soft skills.

54% of Millennials think that their leadership skills are not fully developed (Deloitte 2016)

#challenge 4

Soon, current Millennials will be in management positions. Leadership is learnt - if you want to have great leaders in your company, you need to start from today and provide employees with practical coaching, training and guidance on how to do it properly.

15% of Millennials are already in management positions. (PayScale)

60% of Millennials recognize their current position as a mere stepping-stone. Nearly 40% of Millennials believed that they should be promoted every 2 years. (Time)

#challenge 5

It is difficult to properly manage, motivate and engage the Millennials generation.

It’s widely known that Millennials are the least engaged generation in the workplace. That’s a significant problem, because Millennials make up 36% of today’s workforce, with that number approaching 46% by 2020


How to deal with those challenges?

We have prepared for you a practical, experience-based program which is up-to-date with the newest trends. With it you will learn:

  • how to successfully manage a multigenerational workforce in your company,
  • how to attract and retain Millennial employees in your company
  • how to increase effectiveness of work between Generation X and Generation Y
  • how to invest in your employees development by creating excellent young leaders


How do we do it?

We offer your company a full package of services, starting from in-office trainings, virtual training, team building programs, coaching and finishing with mentoring programs and e-learning accompanied by live webinars.

Learn more about the 5 main areas of our work: