Paul Walentynowicz

What do I do? I:

  •    Improve leaders and teams performance
  •    Partner in building strong corporate culture
  •    Help leveraging age, cultural and gender diversity

                     Convert diversity into creativity and strength

Who am I?

  •    An expert in the area of Cultural intellgence, generational diversity, cross-border collaboration, remote collaboration and virtual teams.
  •    Entrepreneur in the area of translations and language technology.
  •    Speaker at international conferences and events.

What’s my background?

I have over 16 years of work experience in cross-cultural communication, virtual collaboration, leadership and coaching. I help companies to respond effectively to the challenges connected to remote collaboration, diverse workforce and building strong company culture. I have spent 1/3 of his conscious life in Belgium, 1/3 in the Netherlands and 1/3 in Poland. Beside of PWCIB I am also founder and head of Transenter (, a translation and language technology business. At AMA International I’m involved in mid-market mergers and acquisitions between UK, US, Western Europe and Central&Eastern European companies. In June 2017 I was chosen to chair the global M&A network, ACS Partners.  I work in Dutch, English, German and Polish, and also speak French, Russian, Czech and Spanish.

What’s my experience?

Over the years I’ve gained experience in cross-cultural management, international sales and global leadership. In an increasingly diverse world his mission is to help companies and individuals to be effective in a complex environment, reconcile opposite values, worldviews, ideas and leverage diversity to its full business potential. He inspires his clients to open up and challenges them to embrace a fresh, innovative approach.

ARE YOU WORKING IN MULTINATIONAL COMPANY? I’d love to connect with you so feel free to contact. Let’s meet in person or virtually.


Certification and formal training:

Certified in VPA (Virtual Performance Assessment)® – For Businesses.

Intercultural Readyness Check

Solution Focused Coaching

Cultural Detective Poland – Author