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If you need to work with people from different countries and sometimes feel you don’t really understand them…
If you and your partners and team mates have big age gap and cannot communicate….
If you work with international clients and you care quality customer service…
then this course is definitely for you.
Think now of the following situations:

1. Your international colleagues understanding of deadlines, priorities, hierarchy, honesty or communication does not make sense to you.
3. You or your team mates get irritated or offended quickly.
5.Your clients are often not fully satisfied with your services and you hve difficulties with fulfilling their expectations.
7.You are managing and leading team of millenilas and have difficulties with keeping right motivation and perfoemance level among your team.
2. Working with your international colleagues you sometimes struggle with:

  • creating open and trustful relationships
  • getting them more engaged and proactive
  • sharing and accepting feedback without offence
  • getting things done as agreed and on time
4. Small misunderstandings sometimes escalate in conflicts.
6.You are from generation X and need to work with generation Y and can’t communicate with them.
8.You are manager responsible for managing team of people in different age and you can’t deal with managing different generations in the workplace.
PWCIB Academy is a powerful program for both individual users and as corporate business solution that allows you to create optimal operating strategies for diverse environments and to learn about different working styles and business cultures to ensure successful cross-border collaborations. It is based on 20 years of global experience in areas of cross-border collaboration; created by the best in class specialists in cultural awareness training and cross cultural communication in business.

What do you gain with a high Cultural Intelligence?

Individual Level

Increase awareness of your own cultural assumptions/behaviors and the understanding of it impacts on your communication at work.

Company Level

Grow your market share, capture new markets, increase employees retention and use the individual and team potential fully.

Team Level

Understand how to identify and leverage different ways of thinking and collaboration styles for optimal results and team cohesion.

You learn from leading experts in the field.

Our team of experienced and credentialed experts will equip you with practical skills and country related knowledge that will help you achieve success when working internationally. For over 15 years we have built a worldwide network of associates. In order to bring the most recent expertise, we also maintain close relations with members of the Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research (SIETAR) in Europe, USA and Asia.

Clients we worked with:

PWCIB Academy is a content rich program specifically designed to develop and increase the skills needed to effectively cooperate in an international environment


You receive 2 full training days on cultural intelligence and best strategies of how to use it both in business and every-day life, 24/7 access to an online learning platform, webinars, monthly masterminds and a closed Q&A forum.


Most trainings last for 1, 2 or even 3 days – but that is not all. With PWCIB Academy you receive 4 months of continuous learning and support when needed.


The program contains various methods of learning like quizzes, assignments, webinars, readings, movies, exercises, self-assessments, forum access – you will never get bored with the learning form of the program.


You will receive access to a powerful database on +90 countries and materials to help you developing your cross-cultural and communication skills. Plus a Q&A forum available 24/7.


You can upgrade your PWCIB Academy program with an half a day country specific training on your country of interest and with personalized support – direct email address to the leading trainer, chats and coaching calls.

What effects can you expect?

Improving international collaboration skills for working with foreigners:

  • Leading and participating in a culturally diverse team
  • Improving cross cultural communication in business
  • Building trust within international teams
  • Presentation skills for international groups
  • Dealing with hierarchy
  • Giving and receiving feedback to/from international collaborators
  • Communicating bad news across cultures
  • Engaging teams both virtually and remotely
  • How to culturally motivate others
  • Conflict management and problem solving
  • Spoken and written communication across cultures and generations with your clients, partners and team mates
  • Millennials and Generation X management
  • Presenting to an international audience

With the PWCIB Academy you will:

  • increase your effectiveness and satisfaction working with foreigners and younger/ older colleagues
  • communicate clearly and efficiently across geographies and technologies
  • get noticed, appreciated and respected internationally
  • use social media for personal and employer branding

What do you receive from the PWCIB Academy?

1. Face-to-Face or live online training

2. Access to the CQ-Workout

3. Access to the Closed Member Forum

4. Monthly live Mastermind sessions with expert led Q&A's



After the training, participants will be able to:

  • Define cultural intelligence and understand the importance of attitudes, awareness, knowledge and skills
  • Develop a deep understanding of international customer service management, your customers’ cultures, values and needs
  • Use cultural intelligence in order to improve communication and build relationships between millennials generation and generation x
  • Build strong and solid relationships with international colleagues and partners, decrease amount of cultural conflicts, clashes and misunderstandings
  • Adjust your own behaviors in order to make the most out of cultural differences


Paul (Paweł) Walentynowicz

Is the founder and CEO of PWCIB, an international speaker, trainer and coach. He specializes in cross-cultural communication, managing international and virtual teams, diversity and international business. His 16 years’ experience include 600 training and coaching sessions for more than 60 companies in Europe, Asia and in the USA, which amounts to approximately 4000 hours of training and coaching all together. He helps companies to identify cross-cultural challenges and provide employees with the appropriate training and coaching to avoid or solve misunderstandings and leverage cultural diversity for an increased innovation and competitive advantage. Increased employee satisfaction and consequently, the retention of key (millennial) talent are results of his interventions.

2. Access to CQ-Workout

  • High-end analytics on 90+ countries accessible via an mobile app
  • 24/7 access to an online learning platform
  • 40 hour of self-paced learning material on CQ
  • 4 webinars summarizing the knowledge acquired in each module
  • Activities (quizzes, assignments, exercises)
  • Personal Cultural Preferences Check

3. 4 months’ access to the Closed Member Forum and Q&A database

Underestimating the impact of cultural differences in the global business environment can lead to misunderstandings, misalignment and missed opportunities. Leveraging the value from cultural differences, however, can lead to breakthrough thinking and more effective collaborations.

This private community forum gives you access to professionals like you from all over the world and enables to exchange ideas, experiences and to network. You also receive access to a constantly updated Q&A database built on the most frequently asked questions answered by our trainers and country specialists.

Sharing your knowledge with other members and using their know-how is one of the most important elements of developing cultural intelligence,after all it’s people who create the culture.

4. Monthly live Mastermind Session

These live, interactive seminars are focused on improving CQ. They are based on the most recent questions from the Members Forum and challenges you've encountered in your job. They will be discussed through a live streaming with forum members, Paul and our global poll of experts expressly invited to the Mastermind.


I worked with Pawel when we moved the Danish department to Poland. His training about cultural differences was tailor made to talk about Poland and Denmark. Combing this, with his personal experience with different cultures, and the result was an interest experience. It widened the view of everyone and gave me some new knowledge about my own culture and how to navigate in Poland. I would warmly recommend Pawel, as a future business partner and trainer - with him, you are success -

Morten Kristoffersen

CCC Team Lead at Schneider Electric

Paul's knowledge about various cultures and his ability to translate that knowledge into practical tips and actions is just amazing! I had a pleasure to go through his cultural coaching program when starting my recent assignment in a multinational regional team in Belgium. Paul is always solution oriented and is looking to understand the coachee's origin, work and life context to provide the most relevant, practical knowledge and enable a fast successful start in the new environment. Paul's openness and approach make the sessions a really exciting experience. This all helped me find my own way into the new environment. If you want to be successful in your next move to or working with any new culture – Paul is the one to start with! 

Michal Rogowski

European Brand Development Manager Snickers at Mars Chocolate Continental Europe and Eurasia

As a partner, but also as a colleague, I have appreciated Pawel's accuracy when listening to clients' requests and his ability to rephrase their needs as to ensure both parties are on the same wavelenth. During our workshops, Pawel is showing highly enthusiastic and empathic which strongly contributes to the group's commitment and drive. Pawel is knowledgeable and to the point and shares it with humor and generosity.

Olivier Marsily

HR-ID: cultural and diversity awareness facilitator / values-based leadership trainer-coach

I had the pleasure to take cross cultural training with Paweł. His knowledge and teaching ability are simply magnificent. At the end of training you can sadly said: It's over already. I hope to more time with Paweł.

Dawid Góral

Expert Chemist Technician at PPG Industrial Coatings.

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