Understanding Generation X and older

Typically, a Generation X employee is highly educated, technology literate and fiercely independent (i.e. give them a project and leave them alone to do it). Though they have a strong work ethic, many Xers are committed to their families or lifestyles and expect significant workplace flexibility.

This 1 day session will help millennial bosses to better manage their employees from Generation X and how to adjust your work performance if your manager is from Generation X.


What will you learn from the training?

  • How to gain the trust and respect of Generation X?
  • What are their main concerns and focus regarding work?
  • How to give feedback to the Generation X and how to receive feedback from them?
  • How to communicate with Generation X?
  • How to collaborate most effectively with Generation X?
  • How to cooperate with a Generation X manager?
  • How to manage employees from Generation X?
  • How to break through the wall of distrust and distance in order to build a strong relationship?


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