Virtual team assessment

Assessment of the situation and reality check

When building a virtual team it is crucial to be clear about its nature. The virtual team can effectively work together only when the members build the necessary skills: the employees should be self-motivated, result-oriented, self-reliant, great communicators and team players. The assessment will show possible challenges within the team coming from various working or communication styles.

To analyze your team virtual performance we use a top-class tool that allows us to assess the team’s performance on 5 categories and 20 dimensions, thanks to which we will be able to design tailored interventions for team leaders and team members aimed at improving their performance.

How this works?

  • Define success factors in multinational teams and make a diagnosis of your own team in order to find out how to effectively and purposefully develop them in your work environment
  • Make use of tools for identifying and diagnosing problems which occur while working in multicultural teams
  • Equipped with knowledge and awareness, build a development plan and define particular work areas which need to be corrected