Virtual teams training

I can do things you cannot. You can do things I cannot. Together we can do great things. (Mother Teresa).
A virtual team can achieve brillant results - separated by distance, brought together by bright leaders and technology.

Training in hard and soft skills

Modern management and global trends force the development of teams that work across the globe.

We support your team during all the stages of forming remote team – that also includes giving you set of useful tools for remote collaboration. But we don’t leave you on your own – our team of specialists will conduct for your team members tutorials and training is most optimal usage of all provided tools.

What happens when you already know how to use tools properly?

You need to learn how to communicate properly in virtual and remote team and overcome virtual work obstacles.

Based on the assessment and needs of your teams you can chose one of the modules below:

  1.   Kick-off meetings. Ensures a good start of team collaboration.
  2.   Effective verbal and written communication in virtual teams.
  3.   Social interactions and relationship building.
  4.      Trust building.
  5.      Cross-cultural intelligence.
  6.   Managing diversity (cultural, age, gender) in virtual teams.
  7.      Creating virtual team spirit.
  8.   Leading virtual teams.
  9.   Fostering creativity and innovation.
  10.   Fostering engagement.
  11.   Virtual Conflict and managing difficult conversations.
  12.   Decision making in a remote team.
  13.   Tools for virtual teams and how to make the best out of them.


 1| Assessment and reality check

2| Setting ground rules

3| Training in hard and soft skills

4|Virtual team building

5|Virtual team coaching